Prof. Dr. Ronny Schönberg

Function: Professor


Universität Tübingen
Wilhelmstraße 56
72074 Tübingen

Office: Room 207, Wilhelmstr. 56


Consulting hours:
Nach Vereinbarung

Fields of study

  • Paleoenvironmental reconstructions
  • Heavy stable isotope geochemistry


My current research interests focus on the geochemical interactions between atmospheric, terrestrial surface and marine processes and their influence on the evolution and development of life on our planet throughout Earth’s history. Current projects include:

  • The development of oxygenic continental weathering in the Neoproterozoic
  • Investigation of microbial activity during the formation of the massive Løkken jasper deposit in Norway
  • Transition metal cycling in cold off-spreading axis hydrothermal systems and associated microbial iron oxy-hydroxide deposits of the N-Atlan
  • The reaction kinetics of chromium species in aqueous media and chromium isotope cycling in the oceans
  • The development of new isotope geochemical tools

I use a variety of geochemical tools and isotope systems for my research. Major tools include:

  • Major and trace element systematics
  • Radiogenic isotopes (Sr, Nd, Pb)
  • Traditional (C, O, S) and non-traditional stable (Li, Cr, Fe, Cu, Zn, Mo) isotope systems

Short CV

Since 2010

Professor for Isotope Geochemistry at the University of Tuebingen (Germany)


Senior Research Scientist at the Centre for Geobiology, University of Bergen (Norway)


Habilitation at the Institute of Mineralogy, University of Hannover (Germany)


Research Scientist at the Institute of Mineralogy, University of Hannover (Germany)


Post Doctoral Fellow at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Queensland (Australia)


Ph.D. at the Institute for Geosciences, University of Bern (Switzerland)


Diploma in Mineralogy at the Institute for Geosciences, University of Bern (Switzerland)

Publications (-2015)


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  • Swanner ED, Wu WF, Schoenberg R, Byrne J, Michel FM, Pan YX, Kappler A (2015): Fractionation of Fe isotopes during Fe(II) oxidation by a marine photoferrotroph is controlled by the formation of organic Fe-complexes and colloidal Fe fractions. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 465, 44-61. doi: 10.1016/j.gca.2015.05.024
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