Work Groups

The Department of Geosciences includes more than 25 work groups with more than 300 coworkers in total. Work groups with similar disciplinary orientation have formed five research areas within the department.

Work Groups within the Department of Geosciences

Research Area

Work Groups Involved

Applied Geosciences


Prof. Dr. Andreas Kappler


Prof. Dr. Erwin Appel


Prof. Dr. Peter Grathwohl

Sedimentary Geology

Prof. Dr. Thomas Aigner

Environmental Mineralogy

Prof. Dr. Stefan B. Haderlein

Environmental Physics

Prof. Dr. Jens Bange


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Olaf A. Cirpka

Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Christian Zwiener

Environmental Biotechnology

Prof. Dr. Largus T. Angenent

Environmental and Engineering Geophysics

Prof. Dr. Peter Dietrich

Environmental Toxicology

Prof. Dr. Beate Escher

Environmental Systems Analysis

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christiane Zarfl


Soil Science and Geomorphology

Prof. Dr. Thomas Scholten

Economic Geography

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Kinder

Stadt- und RegionalentwicklungGeoecology
Prof. Dr. Yvonne Oelmann

Urban / Regional Development

Prof. Dr. Dr. Olaf Kühne

Physical Geography / Geoinformatics

Prof. Dr. Volker Hochschild

Mineralogy & Geodynamics

Applied Mineralogy

Prof. Dr. Klaus G. Nickel

Experimental Mineralogy

Prof. Dr. Marcus Nowak


Prof. Todd Ehlers, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Gregor Markl

Isotope Geochemistry

Prof. Dr. Ronny Schönberg

Structural Geology

Prof. Dr. Paul Bons


Invertebrate Palaeontology

Prof. Dr. James Nebelsick


Prof. Dr. Hervé Bocherens

Vertebrate Palaeontology

Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Pfretzschner

Terrestrial Palaeoclimatology

Prof. Dr. Madeleine Böhme


Jun.-Prof. Dr. Annett Junginger


Prehistory & Archaeology Science

Early Prehistory and Quartary Ecology

Prof. Nicholas J. Conard, Ph.D.


Prof. Dr. Katerina Harvati-Papatheorodou

Archaeo- and Paleogenetics

Prof. Dr. Johannes Krause


Jun.-Prof. Dr.Christopher Miller