Welcome on the Web Pages of the Department of Geosciences

The Department of Geosciences at the University of Tübingen includes more than 25 professorships from the general fields of geology, mineralogy, geography, environmental sciences, and archaeology. It is thus one of the largest departments of its kind at German universities.

Information about Studying

The Department of Geoscience is responsible for study programs in the fields of geosciences, geography, environmental sciences, and archaeology. Information for prospective and current studies can be found under the menu point  Study. Some work groups describe details about their courses on their individual web pages.

Information about Research

The research topics within the Department of Geosciences are manifold. The menu point Research contains an overview of general research themes covered within the department. Research information about individual work groups can be found on their individual web pages.

Who is who?

The work groups of the department are organized in five research areas (see menu point Work Groups). The Facukty/Staff Directory contains all coworkers within the department, sorted by name, function, or work group.

Buildings, Contact Persons etc.

The menu point Service contains important administrative information such as maps of buildings, administrative and technical responsibilities within the department, and internal links. Contact persons related to study programs are listed within menu point Study.

And how do I get to the Dinosaurs, Minerals, and Archaeological Specimen?

The Collections within the Department of Geosciences contain worldwide known specimen. A (virtual) visit is worthwhile!


Department of Geosciences

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